Brand Strategy Level Up

Me and my friend Christine Looser will soon launch an advanced course to help you Level Up by doubling down on your thinking.

​The future of branding is more interactive, more educational, and more innovative than people realize. It requires a new mindset. This is a course for strategic creatives and entrepreneurs who want to future-proof your career. It is rooted in brand strategy, but we’ll teach you the durable skills that will help you thrive no matter what the future holds!

We’ll focus on how to:

  • ​​Solve the right problem so that you know how to diagnose issues and prioritize your work
  • ​​Listen actively so that you can formulate better questions and facilitate with ease
  • ​​Use choice architecture so that you can design better client experiences
  • ​​Leverage systems thinking so that you can work with bigger clients and strategize more effectively
  • ​​Guard yourself against scope creep so that you can concentrate on your objectives and deliver results efficiently

This is for you who are currently offering brand strategy services and are ready to bring in bigger clients and solve bigger problems. But that’s not all! You care about the problems you tackle and look at the status quo with skepticism. You’ve probably been called a rebel, a change-maker, a disruptor, or an innovator. You want to make the world a better place and believe that you can use brand strategy to achieve that.

This will be an interactive program where you get to improve and learn durable and future-proofed skills through practice, reflection, and real client application.

Being an advanced course, this will not be for everyone. We’ll soon host a workshop for selected individuals only where you can experience a taste of the program first-hand!

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​​Christine Looser is a behavioral scientist who helps people understand how human minds operate so they can learn more effectively, build stronger connections, and lead with clarity, vision, and purpose. She consults on learning innovation strategies for organizations around the globe and has a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from Dartmouth College.

Anneli Hansson is the Swedish sustainability award-winning Brand strategist and author of the best-selling course Brand Strategy Fundamentals together with The Futur. On a mission to create sustainable brands for the future, she now educates through her own programs, helping creatives transform into strategic thinkers. Her 20+ years of experience spans from both international client work and coaching start-ups, to being the CBO and CMO of Lantmännen, a multi-billion-dollar company and Northern Europe's leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy, and food products.

Our goal is to transform the way you work, and think, so that you can change the world. Are you one of the change-makers that we are looking for?

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